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UK-UK-1978 (superb progressive)
(E. Jobson-J.Wetton-A. Holdsworth-B. Bruford)

U.K. - U.K.

superdisco per un supergruppo!Come noterete dalle personcine il disco è bello!si!! anche solo guardando chi ci suona ci si deve fidare in partenza!
ottime canzone di stampo progressive (quella classica) Ottima e da sottilineare su tutte "in the dead of night" seguita (ma guarda un po'!)
da "By the day of light"...A voi!

I'm a big fan of Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Nektar, Gentle Giant, etc., yet U.K. is my favorite prog-rock album of all time. Great music from start to finish, with performances that are often astounding -- especially from lead guitarist Alan Holdsworth, whose solos on "In The Dead of Night" and "Thirty Years" are some of the most technically intricate and inventive, yet highly passionate, guitar solos I've ever heard. The interplay between him and keyboardist/violinist Eddie Jobson on "Nevermore" is also a high point. If you're into prog-rock and have never heard this album, then I would give it my highest recommendation. It's one of those rare examples of the perfect musicians coming together at just the right time and managing to catch lightning in a bottle.


UK-1979 Danger Money (superb progressive)

U.K. - Danger Money

OK, here you find such a dangerous presence of one pop hit such as "Nothing to lose", but the rest is wonderful, above all the incredible "Carrying no cross", characterized by one of the best solos at the keyboards by Eddie Jobson, the creative and technical drumming by Terry Bozzio and the stunning vocals by John Wetton at his top, before choosing the mainstream music path, traced by the band ASIA!!A special mention for the title track , whose mood is in the vein of "RED" by KING CRIMSON and naturally the original "The only thing she needs" enriched with fantastic instrumental excursions!!

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Brian Scott ha detto...

Excellent albums! I really appreciate you. Typical British prog at its best. Thanks for these albums. I have 2 requests:

1. Bandolero - Life Is Love, Love Is All (Puerto Rico Heavy Psych. 1970)

2. La Revolución de Emiliano Zapata - Selftitled (Mexican Psych 1970) with bonus tracks.

Will be glad if you please share these albums. Also, could you please upload your albums on It's very difficult to download from megaupload.


jan ha detto...

hi betelgeuse!really excellent uk!many thanks and i hope you re fine!

Anonimo ha detto...

Brilliant! this stuff..reminds me of Bill Bruford..look for his album "Gradually going tornado"....thx

Andrew ha detto...

Superdiscazo, no solo lo deberian bajar, sino que lo deberian mandar por correo a todos los fans del rock sinfonico. Aprovechen ahora de bajarlo mañana quizas sera muy tarde.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi brian...i have both album!tomorrow if you wish i'll post "la revolucion" and in the next days both album of bandolero

Walter ha detto...

The first UK album is one of the best prog works I have ever heard.

Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks for UK.
I had some problems with Danger Money. I couldn't listen to your file (mpc).
I found it on another blog and got it again from overthere. It's good!
Grazie! For both of them!

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