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McDonald & Sherby - Catharsis(1969 acid psych)
McDonald & Sherby - Catharsis

Kinda cool psych prog rock album, with some definite religious lyrics."Addoranne" is a mellow spacey 10 minute epic, followed by a rockin "Sharks Around Blood". Lots of nice keyboards, and some trippy psych guitar on "Space Beam".


Saint Steven - Over the Hills (us. psych 1969)

Saint Steven - Over the Hills

An interesting psych/prog album with competent musicianship and excellent production quality. Heavy in places and poppy/bluesy/mellow in others with electric & acoustic guitars, bass, drums, organ, layered vocals and sound effects. 'Gladacadova' is quite poppy, with an unusual, shifting rhythm, swirling effects and psychedelic guitar. 'Animal Hall' reminds me of a cross between The Pretty Things (S.F. Sorrow) and the Edgar Broughton Band, with elephant sound effects. 'Sun in the Flame' reminds me of a cross between Cream & The Churchills, with some intricate guitar playing.
Sounds a little dated now, but not cheesily so. At the time I imagine it was fairly cutting edge stuff, but probably came on the scene at a time when psychedelia was becoming unfashionable. On the whole, not a bad album, but not a great one either.

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thegreek ha detto...

Three records, three masterpieces
in the coloured land of psych.
Thanks again


proghog ha detto...

Is that the original Catharsis cover...??

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i don't know! i use this one that i found it on rate your music...try to search there (click diretcly on the cover and you will find somethings more about it, even additional cover from different reissue)

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