mercoledì, marzo 18, 2009

Again PSYCH!
Ancora un po' di roba psych per deliziare i vostri palati...! niente di trascendentale ma del buono c'è......a voi!
The Corporation - The Corporation(1968)

The Corporation - The Corporation


Summerhill - Summerhill(1969 psych - h.psych)

Summerhill - Summerhill


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wonderboy ha detto...


Thanx for the great music!
I'll try my luck with a request:
Mashmakhan - As the Years Go By (the album)
Would love to hear that.

Thanx again!

andre ha detto...

Hello Betelgeuse
A good Band the Summerhill.Corporation-India is worthy to listen.Thanks

Anonimo ha detto...

Love the Corporation...thanks

Thierry ha detto...

Summerhill is insignificant, British North-American can thank the Beatles, but, CORPORATION is great, marvelous ; it's one of my best & favorite's CD...

Betelgeuse ha detto...

@ thierry

hi my friends!you have right!as i wrote in italian the summerhill's album is not a great record and the BN-AA sound so similar to beatles!but corporation is a very good album!

gtr ha detto...

I had a chance to buy The Corporation's Hammond Organ and Leslie speaker that was used on this record. I was friends with the organists brother here in Milwaukee. He said his brother the organist (Pat McCarthy) was not well due to too much drug use back then...maybe it was acid. He's the guy 3rd from the left on the front cover. Let this be a lesson or you may regret it when you get older like he did. So trip out on the music, not the drugs. I also have 2 of their other records before this, one i don't think was ever released on CD ever. I got them new sealed from 1968 so they are mint. If anyone wants me to post it here, I might do that.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i agree about the drugs...i don't like it!:)
it would be great if you decide to post here their stuff!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

by the way i hope you bought his hammond organ!i love that sound!!!

70's Fusion ha detto...

no I didnt end up buying his hammond, as I already had one (still have it) so didnt need another. they are heavy and hard to move!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i LOVE hammond organ!!!i'd like to leard how to play it but i have no chance to improve myself (at the moment i play guitar in a band, now we're preparing "Aqualung" by Jethro tull in a semi- acoustic version)
Unluckly here in Italy few bands use hammond (and almost all are prog band fron 70's)but i love foreign bands like Fuzzy duck, Murphy Blend, rag Y ryggen and so on! i need that sound!!:)

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