giovedì, marzo 19, 2009

montreal - a summer's night (soft folk psych 1970)

Montreal - A Summer's Night

Questo disco è abbastanza particolare con atmosfere abbastanza sognanti (ma non oniriche come P.Leopold) con anche un mix di piu generi musicali che vanno ad esaltare le doti canore della "cantantessa"(!!!) che si diverte con più generi diversi!A voi!


(Can-psych gem-1970-vinyl rip)

It's All Meat - It's All Meat

Che bel disco che è!molto bello!una gemma del panorama psych della fine degli anni 60/inizio 70 (con sonorità molto più vicine ai 60 però!) Purtroppo questo disco è non molto conosciuto ma contiene molte canzini e spunti degli di nota, una su tutte "crying into a deep lake" che ricorda molto the end dei Doors...ascoltate!

This overlooked gem seems to finally be getting some recognition. McKim and MacKay are two hidden geniuses of the late 60's scene who apparently were TOTALLY underappreciated at the time. As well as being the producers of The Underworld's classic single "Go Away/(Tied And) Bound", they created a band and sound that had no precedent in Canada. "Feel It", the first single, is one of those songs that to my ears is a sure fire hit - I can only wonder at how it failed to even chart. It's still powerful today; it must have seemed wild back in 1969 - probably too potent for the generally flaccid Canadian scene of the time. "Make Some Use of Your Friends", "Roll My Own", "Sunday Love", "You Brought Me Back To My Senses", and the otherworldy "Crying Into The Deep Lake" form a tremendous introduction to a band whose future work can sadly only be guessed at. This is a classic disc, by a group who'd mastered all the forms of its time and were ready to make a real statement. Once heard, it's not forgotten.


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