lunedì, luglio 27, 2009

Fingletoad, Strange & Sího-F.S & S + Mazzola (1969-70 US Soft-psych)

Fingletoad Strange and Siho - Fingletoad And Strange (1969)/Mazzola (1970)


Lightning - Lightning(1969 psych)

Lightning - Lightning

Side 1:

1. Prelude To Opus IV (Caplan, Stanhope, Woodrich)

2. Hideaway (Stanhope, Woodrich)

3. When A Man Could Be Free (Stanhope, Caplan, Woodrich)

4. Madame Sunrise (Stanhope, Caplan, Woodrich)

Side 2

:1. 1930 (Caplan, Stanhope, Roberts)

2. Freedom (Is Life With Living) (Stanhope, Caplan, Roberts)

3. They've Got The Time (Woodrich-Stanhope)

4. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky (Edwin H. Morris ASCAP)

(many thanks chris!)


4 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

My pleasure my friend :)


Thierry ha detto...


I'm not a friend of heavy style, but, when it's good music, what a pleasure !
Just one thing : I can't listen to the tracks 7 & 8 ; ReaPlayer refuse to accept these titles, I don't know why ; what a disappointment!
When a reissue of this album... ?

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi thierry!mmm...i'll try to help you...but why don't you use winamp (i've checked all files with this player and seems to work good all!)

Thierry ha detto...

Hi again,
I've found the way to listen to the 2 last tracks, so, I confirm : very good album and great pleasure to discover it.
Well, I'll be very interesting by the White Lightning's LP, Under the Screaming Double Eagle. Have you the possibility to propose it ?
Heavy style, yes, when it's good music ! All my thanks, Mr. Betelgeuse. See you soon.

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