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Albatross - A Breath of Fresh Air (australia blues rock1973)

Albatross - A Breath of Fresh Air

One of my friends send me this link...i've found only this info

Wonderful album of acoustic blues/surf music dominated by the guitar and voice of Lindsay Bjerre (formerly of Taman Shud). Nice use of flute, mandolin & bazoukie.

Link3 cover:

MC PHEE - MC PHEE (197x-heavy psych monster)

McPhee - McPhee

Vi sparo subito questa recensione che ho trovato qua e la sulla rete...

Questa oscura band Australiana (Sydney), ci offre un album di grande heavy progressive dominato da passaggi di tastiera, assoli di chitarra, e voce femminile. La band alterna brani originali a cover di famose stars quali Neil Young, Ritchie Havens, (Indian Rope Man, già riarrangiata da J.Driscoll & Brian Auger), Spooky Tooth, Beatles (I'm The Walrus) Fra gli originali, vale la pena segnalare i dieci minuti imperdibili di Out To Lunch, strumentale di impostazione Jazz.

Jefferson Airplane meets Nosferatu (the organ-drenched German one, not the goth band) just about sums up this Sydney outfit. Tonna-brick Hammond heaviosity, stunningly Slick female vocals, guitar heroics that impress rather than irritate - McPhee is the total package. Some wild covers here, including Richie Haven's "Indian Rope Man," Neil Young's "Southern Man," and an "I Am the Walrus" so seriously messed-up that it might give The Egg Man shivers.


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Anonimo ha detto...

Hey! What happened to link 2 & 3??
It's bouzouki not bazouki!!! :-)
First time I listen bouzouki in a rock track. Nice work! Keep up! Greetings!


Anonimo ha detto...

Sorry, there must be an error in my pc,links fixed. Thanks for this bouzouki boogie!! Greetings from Greece! And if you come for holidays be careful of the "predators" taximen.


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