martedì, novembre 03, 2009

Hi folks...some french stuff...nothing superb (imho a litte bit boring...)but maybe someone like this stuff :)!

Vortex - Les cycles de Thanatos(1979 fusion avant prog)

Vortex - Les cycles de Thanatos

Aphelandra - Aphelandra(1976 prog avant prog)

Aphelandra - Aphelandra


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Anonimo ha detto...

hello!thx this two is great!
Sithlord from Hungary

Anonimo ha detto...

Hey Betelgeuse!!
Many thanks again for sharing great stuff!!At least these albums have brought some joy for me: Vortex-listened only for a couple of times,some parts sound great and some not,needs more listening,but still quite enjoyable album..Mariah+P.French-great hardrock albums,Pete's voice sounds good,but some tracks are bit weaker..Ragnarök-yees the first track is simply stunning,punches your face behind the corner,brilliant!The rest of the album calms down and mellows, but is still great(like their first album..) Byzantium-great band,great albums(well,except "Seasons Changing" was not that good..)And then to Pulsar's "Pollen"..this is a MASTERPIECE!!Absolutely brilliant record,maybe the best album ever to come from France!!:)Those other Pulsar's albums made in 1970s (Strands.. and Halloween)are great too,but Pollen tops them easily!!
And then there were two marvellous Danish bands:Hair and Moses-stunning albums,brilliant music!!
Once more a great selection of varied music..Thank You again my friend!I'm eternally grateful for Your fantastic work!Have a great week and take care!! JaniK
P.S. Also nice to see Pekka Pohjola-albums in your blog!Great artist and these two here are maybe the best he ever made(also Urban Tango, Flight Of The Angel, Changing Waters, Heavy Jazz-Live In Helsinki&Tokyo and Views are others worth mentioning...and now to come to think of it,Pohjola's whole discography is quite amazing,you don't find many weak spots there!!)

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Hi JaniK!as usual your comments are always appreciated!eheheh...i know your taste (or better, i presume to know your taste!:)
i'm very happy to know that you have enjoyed this brillant stuff!i have more great album to post...and sorry for the delay for Ergo sum album, but i want to collect more "request" album!bye!

Misongod ha detto...

Vortex is a MASTERPIECE!!Absolutely brilliant record,maybe the best album ever to come from France!!

V ! ha detto...

Already had a pleasure to listen to Vortex thanks to mutand sounds. But Aphelandra is new experience. What a moving music! Thank you!

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