giovedì, novembre 05, 2009

Psych prog!
Ancora una volta vi lascio direttamente ai dischi senza dilungarmi in spiegazioni inutili!vi basti sapere che sono album molto buoni e stanno a cavallo tra la più classica musica psych e un prog sempre incentrato su suoni psych...!a voi!
Sweet Smoke - Just a Poke(1970 us psych prog)

An excellent psychedelic progressive rock jam consisting of "Baby Night" & "Silly Sally". On this, Sweet Smoke's best release, the sound quality is superb and full of depth, revealing every instrument in bold isolated clarity, for an impressive live stage surround presence. This album is full driving rhythms and energy. It rocks! The awesome phasing during "Silly Sally's" latter drum solo is a killer aural treat. An enjoyable hippy jam session with excellent instrumental work that should be listened to outdoors at HIGH VOLUME on a sunny Summer day! RECOMMENDED!
Manar - Mánar(1971 iceland psych prog)


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Residentevil2 ha detto...

Again some more great stuff Thanks wonderful.Great mix of styles just about everyday something interesting to see,read and at times download for a listen enjoy visiting here Thanks.

Just asking if you or anybody has a band that was I feel wrongly labeled Glam they were called BLACKFOOT SUE used to have all 5 of their which are sadly gone.
ILLUSION - Tomorrow
SUGARLOAF - Hey Operator, ST, Green Eyeed Lady
No other blogs have these

Fabio Brasil ha detto...

The more I discover the Scandinavian 70s music(with your precious posts), the more I am fascinated...
Do you have something from RAG Y RYGGEN ? Is it really good?
Many thanks
Fabio Brasil

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i should have Blackfoot sue and maybe illusion

i have already post rag I ryggen album (and yes is one of the best album i have in my collection)

Residentevil2 ha detto...

That would be cool thanks appreciate it!

Anonimo ha detto...

Blackfoot sue remember them hope you do have

leolips ha detto...

Ehi che bello ho trovato un altro blog in italiano che parla di buona ho fatto uno recenntemente anch' dacci un occhiata e se ti piace posso metterti nei link?...

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