martedì, ottobre 27, 2009

Ikarus-Ikarus (1971 masterpiece krautrock)

Ikarus - Ikarus

L'ho gia scritto nel titolo!E' un disco di krautrock /prog bello dall'inizio alla fine!Unico neo...sono solo 4 canzoni e penso sia l'unico disco della band!!!!A voi!

A classic teutonic German progressive rock fusion album in the same vein as Gila, Virus, 2066 & Then, Thirsty Moon or Os Mundi. The album contains four long tracks heavy on instrumental workouts and full of surprises. "The Raven" has a gloomy air, with quotes from Edgar Allan Poe. Jochen Petersen handles all manner of wind instruments amongst 5-other members who create a wonderful atmosphere utilizing organ, guitar, bass, drums and percussion in a uniquely spacious and dynamic style. It's a real shame as this self-titled LP was Ikarus' sole release. RECOMMENDED!


4 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks Betelgeuse!A fantastic album!Great week-end for you!Eric

Roderick Verden ha detto...

Yeah, yeah, Ikarus is excellent.
I have CD. In album we hear strings: violins or mellotron?

Betelgeuse ha detto...

mmm...seems mellotron!

01100001 ha detto...

Wolf Dieter Strunz (organ, piano), Jochen Petersen (guitars, alto/tenor saxophones, flute, clarinet, vocals), Manfred Schulz (guitar, vocals), Wolfgang Kracht (bass, vocals), Lorenz Köhler (lead vocals), Bernd Schröder (drums, percussion)

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