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Midnight Sun - Midnight Sun(1971 psych jazz prog)
Midnight Sun - Midnight Sun
This version of the album was released in 1970 – it's excellent refined changing tempo progressive jazz-rock with complex rhythms and expanded jazzy chords. The music was composed mainly by Bronsted and Hasselmann and the zen-buddhist lyrics were written by Andy Levin and Bisgaard. This album has an interesting history. In 1970, when the record was about to appear in shops, Lars Bisgaard left the group. He was replaced by Allan Mortensen (ex-Tears). Musicians made the decision to re-record the album. Some tracks were re-mastered with new vocal, some were re-recorded, two tracks; Nobody and B.M. (that were recorded on the original album as one composition) were split into two. The only new composition is Sippin’ Wine, written by Mortensen. The vinyl appeared with the same cover design – beautiful painting by Anne Marie Brauges. Soon after, the Canadian group Rainbow Band registered their name and the Danish band had to change it. Under a new name Midnight Sun, they released the same album again in different sleeve design by Roger Dean. Let’s try to compare both records. Certainly, they seem to be very similar, but the first one is more refined and tasteful. Bisgaard’s vocal is calm comparing to Mortensen’s more aggressive and jazzy, almost David Clayton Thomas style. The whole Midnight Sun’s version of the album has a feeling more like late 60s early 70s fusion/soul/jazz-rock, while still retaining a hard prog rock sound as well.

Midnight Sun - Walking Circles (1972)
Midnight Sun - Walking Circles

Midnight Sun - Midnight Dream (1974 )

Midnight Sun - Midnight Dream

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