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Salem Mass - Witch Burning (superb hard rock 1970)

Salem Mass - Witch Burning

Beh...guardate la copertina e penso che non avrete assolutamente bisogno di alcuna recensione!!!!Stiamo di fronte ad un ottimo esempio di heavy rock alla black sabbath con alcuni riferimenti alla tradizione deep purpluliana (con poco organo per la verità) tanto che sono riconoscibili sonorità comuni anche ai Warpig postati all'inizio!!!!a voi!

You would assume the group Salem Mass is from Massachusetts right? Wrong. In 1971 four young men from Sun Valley Idaho; Jim Klahr (keyboards), Mike Snead (lead guitar and vocals), Steve Towery (drums and vocals), and Matt Wilson (bass and vocals) decided that would be a good name for a group. I was attracted to them because of their name. I am from New York and I have a fascination with the time period in history when the persecution of innocent victims took place. I also happen to really enjoy most music that was made in the seventies. Psychedelic rock wasn't one genre I really knew anything about, as my time for really listening to music of my own choice was from the 60s,70s,80s and early 90s. In 1972, there was a shift to heavy metal and psychedelic rock was becoming a memory. All of this wonderful music has been a revelation of discovery for me every time I sit and listen to another group. The album starts off with the title track "Witch Burning." The lead vocals are high pitched and stunning, yet the music is powerful and subsequently sweeps that negative factor right under the table. I am not sure who handles vocals on what track because it's not indicated on the album liner notes or cover. That is the only song that lacks vocally, the rest of the album has strong vocals to match the far-reaching and authoritative music. "My Sweet Jane" follows and it put any doubt that I was feeling to rest quickly. I found it to be the best track on the entire album. This music sounds fresh even today. I noticed that the sound quality on a few tracks needed to be cleaned up some, as its muddied and uncharacteristically unclear for an Akarma reissue. This doesn't deter from the overall experience however. I felt that each song had merit and above all the music itself is imposing. Gear Fab Records and Akarma Records team up and do a fine job of reissuing this previously unheard of music. Why didn't this band release more albums. This band had SO MUCH talent at such a young age. They really knew how to play their instruments


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it's a pleasure my are my mentor,i've decided to start a music blog when i have read yours "8days".here ,you are always welcome!

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Thanx! Bare Tree-beatiful song!

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