martedì, settembre 22, 2009

Toe Fat I & II (Great hard rock)

Vi posto i due dischi dei toe fat che a mio avviso propongono una musica molto bella (anche se a mio giudizio le cover dei dischi fanno un bel po' cagare!!!)Non ricordo in quale misura, ma questo gruppo mi sa che ha qualche membro che è andato poi negli Uriah Heep (altra leggenda della musica!!)Non ho particolari canzoni da consigliarvi anche se tutto i due dischi passano piacevolmente...Buon ascolto!!

Toe Fat I(1970)

Toe Fat - Toe Fat

There's not a bad track to be found on this album. Starting at the beginning, the opening tracks (especially the first track: "That's my Love For You") are reminiscent of early Led Zeppelin, whereas the slide guitar used on "The Wherefores and the Whys" reminds me of The Allman Brothers Band and the tracks that follow all resemble the sound used on The Beatles' Seargent Pepper album (as far as the vocals go, at least). Even with the utilization of aspects from Led Zeppelin, The Allmans and The Beatles, the band ironically failed to make much of an impression in the world of United States popular music. Those of you who missed them in the sixties/seventies (as I did) are missing out on one of the best albums from the late psychedelic era


Toe Fat II(1971)

Toe Fat - Toe Fat Two

As on their first album, Toe Fat made the first track on the album the best (in this case "Stick Heat").


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Anonimo ha detto...

Toe Fat I is a very good record, right, with Ken Hensley (before he joined Uriah Heep at the end of '69) playing keyboards and writing some of the songs (in Toe Fat I only). Lee Kerslake is on the drums (before joining Uriah Heep too later on, in 71). Ken Hensley's name does not appear in the credits for an obscure contractual or legal reason, I think. He left Toe Fat before the making of Toe Fat II.

proghog ha detto...

Thanks mate for all these previous couple of weeks posts....marvellous... hope you are able to keep it going..!!

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