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Secta Sónica (superb laetian jazz prog)

non pensavo che la catalogna avesse un "suo" prog!sono dischi molto belli di musica jazz prog con elementi di fusion che rendono piacevole il disco nonostante qualche tecnicismo di troppo! un po' più tranquillo il disco dei gotic (preferisco i secta...!) sopratutto in evidenze le parti strumentali di flauto!nel complesso il tutto è assolutamente da sentire!

Secta Sónica - Fred Pedralbes(1976)

Secta Sónica - Fred Pedralbes

Spanish 70's band. They made a tight fusion adding mediterranean flavour the trendier jazzrock fusing also some West Coast grooves. Tight musicianship and great compositions.


Secta Sónica - Astroferia 1977

Secta Sónica - Astroferia

Second and last album, maybe not as intense as their first, but keeping a very high level. More fusion,plenty of groovy guitars and a very spanish flavour all over. Highly recommended.


Gotic - Escenes(1977 jazz prog)

Gotic - Escenes

Cheerful and peaceful; those are the first emotions I felt as this album began the first time I heard it several years back. It is happy, but not in a kitsch and cheesy sort of way, but in a genuine manner and with good taste. This is an album that will make you light-hearted while listening to it and can help brighten up a bad day. Not only is the music very good, but the atmosphere it spreads is uplifting and brings joy to your mind. The flute and the keyboards combined make for a relaxed and exciting listening in an alternating pattern. You even get an enthusiastic drum part on Imprompt I. It has some slower, ponderous moments and then it slips back to its more energetic rhythm (but not hectic at all).
You get a mélange of fusion rhythms, and symphonic-prog familiar sounds. The keyboards have a great vintage 70’s jazz-rock sound (which sometimes can remind of a soundtrack of an old movie) and along with the bass they are pushing in that direction, while the flute is going for a more folkish/symphonic musical style. At some instances on this album Camel comes to mind, especially The Snow Goose, but only a general reference, not in a clone-like manner. . If only for the last track Historia d'una gota d'aigua this album is worth getting. What an amazing ending. It’s a repeptitive tune lead by the flute and accompanied by the piano and then the percussions and bass join in and it all sums up synergistically to create a most beautiful out of this world tune. Besides the music there is beautiful cover art that comes along and fits the music very much. I like to examine it while listening and float away into those meadows of sight and sound… An album to treasure and go back to when in need (bad mood); on a quiet and beautiful Sunday morning; when you feel like listening to something that is light-spirited, but contains beautiful and enjoyable music. But not only then… One of my favourites and a recommended listen. If you need to cheer up, I definitely recommend this one.


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jan ha detto...

hello betelgeuse,are you ok?thanks for superb music

Anonimo ha detto...

hello!thx this 3 super great music's!
Sithlord from Hungary

Anonimo ha detto...

Aveva sentito di diversi gruppi Jazz-prog spagnoli, ma i Secta Sonora non li conoscevo proprio. Complimenti il tuo blog è proprio una miniera!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

sono contento che apprezzi!!!!

Rochacrimson ha detto...

Superb spanish sounds!

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