giovedì, dicembre 04, 2008

TRACE!!!(superb dutch heavy prog)
Oggi vi propongo questo gruppo olandese che è decisamente sopra il livello medio della band dell'epoca...ottimi musicisti, ottime canzoni con un gusto heavy prog mischiato gradevolmente con una vena sia classica (più evidente nell'ultimo lavoro) che "jazzeggiante". io preferisco il primo molto più organ-oriented...assolutamente raccomandato!
Trace - Trace 1974

Trace - Trace

Absolutely fantastic instrumental progressive rock from Holland.TONS of superb and technically perfect hammond organ playing by Rick Van Der Linden who proves why he is justly regarded as one of the keyboard wizards in progressive rock.For me he IS the best next to Dave Stewart(Egg,National Health,etc).Apart the organ ,there is a fair amount of the holy Mellotron and almost any other kind of vintage keyboards you could dream of ..If you like keyboard driven progressive rock this album is a total must ! And i am really curious how mr.Emerson felt when he listened to this outstanding stuff...

Trace - Birds
Trace - The White Ladies 1977

Trace - The White Ladies

2 commenti:

hugh ness ha detto...

this is truly magnificent stuff. many thanks for this great music which I have never heard of before but now can't stop listening to.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i'm very happy for that!

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