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Sweetwater - Sweetwater (1968 great psych)

Sweetwater - Sweetwater

Ottimo disco che mischia numerosi stili anche se il fattor comune è quello psych.Molto piacevole l'ascolto, in certi momenti sembra chiaro il richiamo ai "jefferson airplane".Molto bello Ve lo consiglio!!!!

Most people forgot this band who opened the original Woodstock concert and that a few months later had to say goodbye to her singer that got his vocal chords hurt in a car accident. Their debut is a great hippie album. They mixed rock and psychedelic pop with some jazz influences and non traditional rock instruments as flutes and cellos with excellent results. Nansy Nevins was a great singer and she refreshed the songs with her vocals. The album has catchy tunes, intense and beautiful instrumentations, great bass lines and only a few low points caused by excessive experimentation. But the record holds together fine. "Motherless Child" and "In a Rainbow" are great and deserve to be 60's classics. Curiously the introduction of "In a Rainbow" sounds very much like some parts of Madonna's Beautiful Stranger. "Two Worlds" is another good song which is based on a pop melody and some 60's organs. "For Pete's Sake" is one of those 60's classic that no one knows the name of song or which band played it.
The most overlooked album of the 60's.


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Thanx,they were a great band!

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