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Daevid Allen!!!!!
Daevid Allen - Banana Moon 1971

Daevid Allen - Banana Moon

Out of all of Daevid Allen's solo albums, this is the most psychedelic one, and it should be if you at the time it was recorded ( Camambert Electrique Gong), joyfull and hippie as you'd expect, ful of great moves and catchy tunes, a playful ride, though not always easy to relate to.
Daevid Allen - Good Morning 1976

Daevid Allen - Good Morning

After leaving Gong, Daevid Allen moved to Majorca, an island chain off of Spain. Same area that Kevin Ayers resided in as well (and both were former Soft Machine members, so I wonder if Ayers had any reason for Allen's move?). Here he recruited a band called Euterpe to back him up on this album, Good Morning. To me, the album sounds like a more acoustic version of the Gong sound. His trademark glissando guitar sound is used here, like on the title track. Synthesizers pop up from time to time. "Wise Man In Your Heart" sounds the most like Gong and I could swear that it was Gong recording this cut, rather than Allen & Euterpe. The percussion and xylophones make me think Pierre Moerlen and Mireille Bauer had a hand in this piece. What I do know is Gilli Smyth lends a hand here at the end. Pretty cool spacy section that of course is not unlike what Gong had done. And what's even better is the occasional Pot Head Pixie reference here (the cover even features a Pot Head Pixie), which means he certainly didn't want to leave the Gong spirit behind. Although there's a couple of dorky songs I can live without, it's still recommended if you like Gong.

Daevid Allen - Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life 1979

Daevid Allen - Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life

think that in really good music the most important point is the feeling it makes to the listener, and from happiest time you can taste that (even how naive things he is singing) he is serious even when it's clear that it's just funny. album has quite bad sound quality, but it's a acoustic album so it makes it just more intimite and that's what this music is all about.
"why do we treat our selves like we do" was made for the fifth gong album, but the story really ended in you so it's now here.

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