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Tantra - Mistérios e Maravilhas (Port.prog 1977)

Tantra - Mistérios e Maravilhas

With the Roger Dean-esque art work, you know right away this is a prog album!
'Tantra' were always touted as being Portugals #1 progressive rock band.
With this album, I feel they rival many of the better known bands outside their country!
Their music is very well written, and the players are all exceptional.
The recording and mixing on the original vinyl LP were as good as any at that time, which really helps when your dealing with a symph/prog album, played by musicians of this caliber.
It's obvious these guys were influenced by Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant ect, but they still manage to keep their sound fresh. Unlike so many other bands of that genre, who were basically clones of the aformentioned bands.
This is an excellent addition to any progressive rock collection!


Tantra - Holocausto (1978)

Tantra - Holocausto


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moshe ha detto...

sempre acho coisa boa aqui!! The best blog! obrigado!

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello there Betelgeuse!!
Greetings from cloudy,rainy+cold(only 10 degrees above zero Celcius)Finland and thank you very much again for these obscure classics..just wondering where the heck You keep finding these pearls..:)Well anyway,here's my humble Thank You for:
Tantra(both albums are excellent,really great prog!Maybe the 1st album is a bit more adventurous,but they are both really good!) Mason(yes,superb early 70s guitar/organ-jam album,a monster!!) and Azabache(fine album,great keyboard/guitar work here,track 5 is a killer!)
Have a nice evening+rest of the week and take care!! JaniK

yes ha detto...

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