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Trader Horne - Morning Way(1970 superb folk psych)

Trader Horne - Morning Way

I was made aware of this album when a compilation of weird folk stuff had the track Morning Way.

seems like thats the most famous track (well, as famous as any of this) which is perhaps a little unrepresentative as its one of only tracks on this that Judy Dyble writes.
Fortunately thats not a problem, as the remainder of the tracks were by Jackie McAuley and are of an equally high standard.

what you get is an album essentially built around an acoustic folk base (though not in the "traditional" folk sense), with the wonderful duets of Dyble and McAuley - really, their vocals are one of the best combinations i've heard.
the songs vary in relation to the amount of weirdness, so on the one hand you get the droney The Mixed Up Kind which reminds me a lot of Wee Tam and The Big Huge era Incredible String Band or the dreamy title track, while on the other hand you get more straight forward songs like Jenny May or the poppy Sheena.

My only complaints are that i dont like Down And Out Blues or The Mutant (cant really tell you why, as i never listen to them. just never liked them), plus the single only track Here Comes The Rain should've replaced one of them.
but thats a minor quibble, as this really is a strong album. Its dreamy and childlike, but its also a little dark and oh those vocals........theyre heaven.

if you like weird late 60s/early 70s folk, then you NEED this album.

Agincourt - Fly Away(1970psych folk-prog)
Agincourt - Fly Away
This is a great album of folk-pop that uses mostly acoustic instruments, piano and very good vocals. "When I Awoke" is a softer, folky ballad with great male/female vocals and lyrics and a somewhat "haunting" sound. "Though I May Be Dreaming" has similar sounding vocals and features what sounds like an acoustic guitar, another stringed instrument possibly a harp, and a trace of flute. "Get Together" is a great pop song as is "Going Home." "Lisa" is a Beatle-esque piano ballad while "Through the Eyes of a Lifetime" is a great closing number.

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