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Tomorrow - Tomorrow (great 1968 UK Psych)

Tomorrow - Tomorrow

Mah...Sono interdetto!!!!no, non per il disco che è stupendo! con una quantità enorme di idee geniali e al contempo molto particolari ma piuttosto per chi ci suona! allora...Keith west alla voce...John wood (si quello dei rolling!), Aynsley dunbar (nelle ultime tracce)
e anche...steve Howe!Spero non si tratti di omonimia ma credo sia lo stesso che ha deliziato le nostre orecchie con un gruppetto...aspetta come si chiamava...ah...YES!!!!
Spero di non prendere un abbaglio ma credo di non farlo!di certo il disco (23 song dei diversi periodi di West) ha un non so che di più rispetto ad altri lavori del periodo e, pur essendo solo un accenno di ciò che i nostri ci faranno vedere poi,
è un disco da avere! Qualche "Highlights" "Revolution" la loro versione di"Strawberry Fields Forever" e "my white bicycle".

A fantastic work of very early psychedelia. Formed in the same mold of Pink Floyd, Keith West and Steve Howe make a powerful combination. "My White Bicycle" is one of the best psychedelic songs ever and the "Strawberry Fields Forever" cover is just as good as the original. A must have for British psychedelic fans.
The music is typical British 1960`s psychedelic style; somewhere between Pink Floyd, Traffic or Pretty Things. Most of the songs catchy and melodic, featuring great guitar parts by Stewe Howe.
Stunning. A pearl ... nah, a diamond. A somewhat forgotten classic from the Summer Of Love. Guitar player Steve Howe presumably went on to greater things with Yes; to me, this is his peak. Just fucking excellent British psych-rock. Shine on, you crazy diamond.


Dear Mr. Time - Grandfather (1970 folk prog uk)
Dear Mr. Time - Grandfather

Reminiscent of the Moody Blues..... light, gentle english soft rock of a very easygoing kind. The rear cover depicts a bunch of long-haired stack-heeled polite groovers who drove trucks in the day and worked in the post-office, lolling about on a sunny day in Hyde Park or Kensington Palace Gardens, with a bigger bunch of Chelsea Pensioners looking on in amiable puzzlement at these rockin fellahs. Really quite charming in a simple way, like me. I own only a handful of rare Vinyl, this is a copy i got very cheap because its covered in scratches and virtually unplayable - this makes it sound even more of a strange time-capsule of that dim and distant infinitessimally small sunny day on the rear cover.

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