giovedì, ottobre 22, 2009

Alain Markusfeld - Le Son Tombe Du Ciel
(v. good 1971 fr-prog psych 1971) (vinyl rip)

Alain Markusfeld - Le Son Tombe Du Ciel

well an unkown artist...i have found only this info around the net...

French guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, very unique. His albums blend multi- layered acoustic guitars with fiery leads, piano, ethereal female voices, throbbing bass and percussion. His guitar style could be described as early Larry Coryell (acoustic) meets Randy California (electric) with a strong middle-eastern influence. Le Desert Noir is a heavier guitar album which features drums on almost every track, overall very hendrix influenced. With Platock, there is more maturity in his sound, combining delicate acoustic guitars and more piano to his trademark sound, with less reliance on drums. Contemporus attempts to continue in the same vein, but fails to reach the same energy level, except possibly on the sidelong "Contemporus" suite. Start with Platock, which most will agree is his best. First two releases are very rare.

... the track list...
1. Le Son Tombé Du Ciel
. L'Homme A La Tête Fêlée (a 9.34)
. Jubal (a 12.47)
2. La Durée N'Est Pas Le Temps
. Theleme (a 3.42)
. Eve (a 7.28)

Alain Markusfeld - Le désert noir(1977)

Alain Markusfeld - Le désert noir

This a little pearl of an album and i'm only sorry i can't give more stars. It mixes many different genres in a brilliant way and is nothing but a great listening experience from the first track to the last. jazz rock fusion folk thing ;-)


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malium ha detto...

Thanks! I never knew about the 1971 release even though I have Le Desert Noir and Platock on vinyl for 20+ years.

I love the wah wah guitar on LeDesert Noir.

Anonimo ha detto...

I agree with Malium, as I too have all but his first two albums (well the 2nd one now ;D) and I recommend all his works. Seek out his live album, which has him playing solo on guitar & piano! By the way...does anyone out there knows whatever happen to Alain Markusfeld?


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