venerdì, novembre 20, 2009 propongo questi 2 album di musica psych anche se personalmente non li ho apprezzati molto...sono abbastanza sperimentali ma devo dire che non hanno solleticato la mia attenzione...magari a voi dicono di più!
Twink - Think Pink (1970 psych)
Twink - Think Pink

An extrememly psychedelic album from the famous drummer of other psychedelic bands. Aided by Steve Took and members of Deviants and Tomorrow this album shows varied psychedelia at its best. The opener "Coming of Other One" is a rather boring song with chanting. "Mexican Grass War" is not very good, and suffers from too much psych noodling. "Rock n Roll the Joint"is a better, funkier instrumental with a good pounding rhythm section. "Suicide" is more acoustic and yet spacey at the same time. The best song is the acidic "Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box" with some fantastic guitar courtesy of the Deviants lead man. The last two tracks, stronly influenced by Steve Took have some value, especially the extreme trippiness "The Sparrow is the Sign." Highly recommended for any psych fans.

Rustic Hinge - Replicas(1970 psych exp.)

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