mercoledì, ottobre 15, 2008

ISOTOPE!!!(1974-1976 hard jazz fusion)
Vi passo questi link per questo gruppo jazz hard fusion molto piacevole da sentire nonostante non si possa gridare al capolavoro...molto sottotono il 2 disco rispetto al 1 e al 3 che sono molto più divertenti... sono presi troppo sul serio!buona prova nel complesso!

Isotope - Isotope (1974)
Isotope - Illusion (1975)
Isotope - Deep End (1976)

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CrimsonKing ha detto...

What is the Deep End bitrate?

Betelgeuse ha detto...

...who cares?!?btw 256kbps!

CrimsonKing ha detto...

I'm care.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

mah...for what it's worth...i don't care about bitrate...!bye and have a good day/night!

premiata ha detto...

Ciao caro amico, voglio sapere se hai il gruppo de rock progresivo degli State Uniti chiamatto fireballet.

Fireballet ed two too.

grazie mille.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

ciao premiata...non lo so, ne dovrei aver uno (il primo...vedo di poter far qualcosa per il secondo!)

Steve H ha detto...

Hello! Not to complain, but the files I got when I tried to download the first Isotope album, are NOT the first Isotope album! Judging from the production values, it appears to be an electric piano/bass/drums trio, possibly recorded in the late '90s or '00s, but I don't recognize it. Really, really nice stuff, but not Isotope! Can you figure out what it is, because I'm dying to know. I can check back here, or you can e-mail me at ... It's funny, because I'm not a big fan of the first Isotope LP anyway -- I just grabbed it because I wanted to complete the collection. I am crazy about the 2nd and 3rd LPs, however, brilliant stuff. Frank Roberts' "Crumb Cake" on Deep End is the best. It's good to see this stuff, especially now that Hugh Hopper is struggling with his health and we need to be looking back on some of his finest work. Thank you!

Steve H ha detto...

Me again! I can't wait, have to venture a guess ... was it Alan Pasqua?

Betelgeuse ha detto...

sorry steve, i've lost my original source and i don't know what hell had done megaupload! i can't help you! sorry...:(

CustomCD ha detto...

As you know the link (or
IS NOT for ISOTOPE - 1974 ISOTOPE !! but it is for :
Youngster album "Isotope"

So, if you want the real one is at :

The Tutorial Machine

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