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Legend - Fröm the Fjörds (us 1979 heavy prog)

Legend - Fröm the Fjörds

this album isn't just timeless, it exists entirely outside of petty whims such as time and space. sure, we can point out the RUSH-isms, the CAPTAIN BEYOND-ations and the BUDGIE moves, and suggest that the angular, continually out-of-pocket instrumentation is indicative of the pomp and excess of the '70s, but this record, more than any other recording i can think of save for, yes, CAPTAIN BEYOND's ''s/t'', MERCYFUL FATE's ''don't break the oath'', MANILLA ROAD's ''crystal logic'', CIRITH UNGOL's ''king of the dead'' and SACRED BLADE's ''of the sun & moon'' has a transcendental, interstellar quality that, while bearing hallmarks of a bygone era, breaks free of any petty pigeonholing by virtue of its seamlessness, immaculateness, weightlessness and sheer strangeness. there is a continuity and flow here that is entirely CAPTAIN BEYOND, and like that album, it defies gravity as it floats mischievously from passage to passage, movement to movement, frayed ideas loosely connected by exquisite, flashy-but-refined chops and a poetic fluency that is breathtaking. add in the magnificent sword-and-sorcery lyrics, and you have something that predates the entire epic metal movement, yet towers majestically above it.

a remarkable achievement, a musical monolith, a staple in every heavy music collection. don't ignore it, few bands have achieved the degree of chemistry and artistry accomplished here...i have even grown to love ''r.a.r.z'' (LEGEND's unfortunate ''feeling free again'')

Brimstone - Paper Winged Dreams (usa prog 1973)
Brimstone - Paper Winged Dreams

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