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Ultra - Ultra(1975 hard rock)
Ultra - Ultra
Excellent archival release compiling the complete studio work of Texan rockers Ultra.
This band deserved far better than the relative obscurity which they languished in for the 25 years before this release.
The 16 songs showcase the bands Southern fried hard rock sound and the excellent twin lead guitars of Galen Niles and Larry McGuffin are well to the fore.
Most of the material is uptempo, upbeat, ass shakin' boogie rawk, but there are also subtler spacier tones on several of the songs, giving away Niles's past with psychedelic band Homer perhaps.
Great throaty vocals too from Don Evans, reminding me of late Molly Hatchet frontman, Danny Joe Brown.
My only niggle with the package is incredibly petty, with the wealth of material here, it's hard to digest all the music contained here, a value for money release for sure. A lesser label would have split the material and made us buy two discs!
The packaging is of the usual high standard which we've come to expect from Monster Records, with full lyrics, rare pics and a potted band biography to boot.
If you're a fan of Southern Rock, Hard Rock, or just Rock music in general, i'd recommend you give this one a listen.
Oda - Oda(1973 great hard rock)

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