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Walrus - Walrus(1970superb psych prog)

Walrus - Walrus

Similar to Blood, Sweat & Tears, in trying to clone the drifting jazz-rock sound of Chicago, Walrus are a simple band, made up of 8 blues-trained musicians which grew up musically in the sixties: the age of psychedelia and of the first examples of prog-rock (or proto-prog, whatever you call it). The brass band was not an unusual formula then, but now it can seem peculiar: playing heavy r&b ("Who Can I Trust", chosen as the first and only single, with a trumpet and sax solo which reminds Zappa's "King Kong" - as well as the outstanding "Blind Man", which has even proper lyrics), blues ("Rags and Old Iron", the quasi-punk psych mini-suite "Turning-Woman-Turning"), jazz (Traffic's "Coloured Rain", in a remarkable version), pop ("Why"). All is brass and/or guitar driven, all has a quite synthetic "black" feel, but anyway Walrus prove to be a compelling affair mixing non-original elements to build a sound which was, someway, ahead of its time.
Zen - Hair(1969-70 psych)

Zen - Hair


Hungry Wolf - Hungry Wolf (uk v.good psych-prog 1970)

Hungry Wolf - Hungry Wolf


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70's Fusion ha detto...

the Walrus singer sounds kind of like Roger Daltrey!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hat reason i love it!ahahah!! ;)

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