sabato, maggio 31, 2008

Denmark stuff!!!

Steppeulvene - Hip (1967 psych)
Steppeulvene - Hip

Essential. Here's a fine example of how expensive studio equipment and software are superfluous. At the bottom line, what really matters is talent, originality and good songs - this has it all and maybe more. The importance of this album can only be underrated.

Isenkram - Isenkram (1974 psych folk)
Isenkram - Isenkram

Heavy jocker - Cesar palace (1978-hard prog)

2:Hair - Piece (1970 superb hard psych)

Thanks to Isabelbc for can find a wrong name in rar files (it's called Heavy Jocker 1970-pieces or something like that) but it's another album...if Someone of you have the first album of Heavy Jocker (1976) please SEND IT!!!

Hair - Piece

heavy_joker_-_piece 1970

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