domenica, maggio 25, 2008

Outeiro - Ollos de Marzal (1980-spanish prog)
Outeiro - Ollos de Marzal
Goma - 14 Abril(1975 prog jazz prog-spa)
Goma - 14 Abril
Very elegant and sometimes jazzy flamenco prog. Some of the quirky passages brings me to think of the italian band Picchio dal Pozzo, while the more fluent jazz moments sound like Argentina's Bubu (or actually the other way around). Even this record is a bit too sentimental here and there, but not as much as Triana's debut album. The track "Un Nuevo Abril Sin Sal" sounds a bit like Flea's "Topo u Uomini", and is probably the weakest track on the album (although still good), while the highlight is the second track, called "Aqui y Ahora".


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fabio ha detto...

Many thanks.
I have a vinil rip with poor sound quality, and this sounds much better.Very good music!!
The spanishprogressiverock blog have some great stuff too, the fantastic basque group Magdalena is there.

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