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Quantum Jump - Quantum Jump (1976 prog jazz prog)
Quantum Jump - Quantum Jump

Not sure how you classify this music (rock, jazz, funk, fusion) but it's good stuff. The musicianship is superb - Mark Warner's guitar playing is exemplary - and had some roots in Canterbury Music(John G. Perry - Caravan). Also of note, Rupert Hine's keyboard work.
The lyrics are interesting, and quite humorous at times. Highlights include Over Rio, The Lone Ranger, and Stepping Rocks. (fixed)

Quantum Jump - Barracuda (1977)

Quantum Jump - Barracuda
More of a collective than a regular band as various Penguin Cafes appeared on this one alongside other solo artistes like Rupert Hine and John Perry.
A few nutty credits here and there with "Duff Jones" and "Wax Pole" (who are only in Special Mentions and probably masquerading as other people) thanked for being "fine CHASPS"! Surely a printing error?
For "other players" one Geoffrey Richardson is credited with "Kentish Wheeze Flute" and "Ilkley Brain Flute"! And "Anon" is credited with "surprise overdubs"!
This is the kind of off the wall music you can expect but what the band probably never DID was the hit single which came off the next album,which had the power of sending them into the One Hit Wonder Club later!
They returned or at least a couple of them did,as Sam Beckett and the Hologram who would remain invisible.
Still "The Lone Ranger" went Top 10 and that was that. (fixed)

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