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Harlis - Harlis(1976 good kraut-hardrock)

Harlis - Harlis

Non me la sento di parlare di kraut rock puro (basta sentire la prima traccia per rendersene conto!)ovviamente gli influssi e le influenze sono quelle ma c'è una anima meno sperimentale e più rilassata! a voi!

HARLIS was founded by ex-JANE bassist Charly Maucher. He was soon joined by another JANE member Wolfgang Krantz after his first post JANE act ANTARES. Drums were handled by Werner Löhr who claims early membership of the SCORPIONS. The HARLIS album was the debut release on the now renowned Sky label. Krantz later created EFENDI'S GARDEN whilst Maucher rejoined JANE. WOLFGANG KRANTZ issued a solo album in 1999 'Kreuz Und Quer' that included Löhr. Maucher guested on Canadian act DR. GLUE's 'Too Hot For The Mouse' album. Schulz later joined fellow Hannover act the FREEWAY BAND.


Harlis - Night Meets the Day(1976)

Harlis - Night Meets the Day


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Thanks for the Harlis Albums.Good Stuff!!

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