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Ruphus - New Born Day (1973nor heavy prog)
Ruphus - New Born Day

Excellent debut by this Norwegien band. The album is hard progressive rock at it's finest. Sort of like 'Uriah Heep' meets 'Yes'?

The instrumentation here is, bass/guitar/organ interplay, male and female vocals. The female vocalist, Gudny Aspaas's voice is stunning, almost resembling Maggie Bell (Stone the Crows) or Candy Givens(Zephyr).
Normally I would not care much for that style of vocal on a progressive rock album, but here it seems to work very well.
The keyboard player 'Hakon Graf' is a great Hammond B-3 player, and has a superb technique so familiar to that era.
The bass player 'Asle Nilsen' has a sound much like Chris Squire.
The drumming supplied by 'Thor Bendikson', is solid throughout.
Guitarist, 'Hans Pelter Danielson' is a competant/adequate player, and he does let go with a nice solo now and then, but the bass playing and the keyboards do more for me here.
If your into early 70s progressive rock, this album as well as their follow up, are highly recommended.


Undertakers Circus - Ragnarock (1971 psych prog)

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