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Orion - La Nature Vit, L'Homme Lui, Critique (1979)
Orion - La Nature Vit, L'Homme Lui, Critique

This band from France released only one album in the late '70's - exactly 1979. The music on this single album is symphonic with a touch of Shylock and here and there Ange but less theatrical. Not very much to add just if you put the hand on this one you wont regret it, at least i was very pleasent surprise when i bought this little gem from Musea. Great guitar parts from Franck Mamosa and some very intristing keys passages from Janusz Tokarz - in the same time smooth if the mood needed and very fluent and symphonic if the piece change in a more symphonic aproach. The album is maybe typical for french prog shcool from the late '70's and why not to some of the canadian prog bands from the same period (french part of the Canada) This single album worth to have in your collection, and only for Le Singe De La Vie , Le Chevalier and La Nature Vit, L'Homme Lui Critique the best pieces from here. The album has 2 bonus tracks that didn't make it on the album first time was released. So 4 stars for this unknown but in the same time intristing little gem from the late '70's.

The Orient Express - The Orient Express (1969 french psych)
The Orient Express - The Orient Express

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zafreth ha detto...

Hi my friend, here's alberto how are you hope fine, i recently went to your blog and is in very good form!!

I haven't do updates to zafreth but i will do in a few weeks


Betelgeuse ha detto...

Hola Zafreth! How are you? i'm fine thank you!yes, i reprised to post my old links and some new stuffs (my other blos is now "in pause")
i'm very happy if you will post again!;)

rickdog ha detto...

Find more Eternidad in my mp3blog and forum searches:


zafreth ha detto...

Hi again!!!

I will do and actually i´m doing a inventory of the music that i have

I'm currently preparing some reviews in Prog archives, feel free to reproduce in your blog


Betelgeuse ha detto...

thank you rickdog!

and thank you "Zaf"!!

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