mercoledì, marzo 04, 2009

Pulsar - Pollen 1975

Incredible, if not a bit underrated debut from this French prog band. The music here tends to be mellow, but a bit more experimental than their following albums. This is their only album where they sing in French (their following albums, they sing so unintelligibly, you can't tell if they're singing in English or French, or both - but of course, those are great albums too). The only English you here here is some spoken dialog. The keyboard setup is basically the Solina string synths, the ARP 2600 synthesizer, and piano. Oddly the Mellotron isn't present here (but is on their following two albums). Mainly mellow prog, this is great stuff, and a classic debut.


Pulsar - Bienvenue au conseil d'administration (1981)

Despite the date this sounds like something from Germany in the mid 70's rather then Paris in the 80's, but I'm certainly not complaining. Side one is a rather grand affair with some wild space rock sounds and some intense vocal yells. Side two doesn't fair quite as well, with a more typical progressive rock sound and to much talkin' and not enough rockin'.
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