sabato, giugno 13, 2009

album terrificanti, anche se manca ancora un filo per gridare al capolavoro!!mi sono piaciuti
molto i thunderduk che sono estremamente melodici ma anche i j.p. & Gibraltar non scherzano!in particolare ascoltare la prima traccia di J.P....da brividi!
Thunderduk - Thunderduk (1972)

Thunderduk - Thunderduk


Joe Prichard and Gibraltar - Joe Prichard and Gibraltar(superb!1974)

Joe Prichard and Gibraltar - Joe Prichard and Gibraltar

Very little is known about Joe Prichard or his sidekicks, except that the band, which hailed from Missouri, drew its inspiration from influences far and wide, resulting in each of the 5 tracks being very different in character, ranging from the power chords and staccato guitar breaks of the Jimmy Page variety, to the throaty sax of 12-bar blues specialists Climax Blues Band as well as the guitars of ZZ Top. There’s even a 9-minute jam a la Jethro Tull or Traffic with flute and sax giving a decidedly jazzy feel to proceedings.

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