venerdì, giugno 12, 2009

EGG (superb prog canterbury rock)!!!!

Spero che conosciate gia gli egg e se non fosse cos' che aspettate????sono un mix di prog e canterbury sound...certamente possono essere difficili da ascoltare ma con un po' di tentativi...superlativo il versante canterbury...siamo ai livelli dei caravan!a voi!

The Polite Force (1972)

Egg - The Polite Force

Uttelry BRILLIANT stuff! I mean, how could you not love the bizarre and HILARIOUS "Contrasong" with it's off-kilter brass arrangement, alternating 5/8 and 9/8 time signatures and bassist Mont Campbell's deadpan vocal delivery. "A Visit to Newport Hospital" recounts the band's experiences in its "Uriel" incarnation with more deadpan vocals and funny lyrics. Egg however were no jokesters when it came to their musicianship. Dave Stewart was really coming into his own with a distinct keyboard style (chiefly Hammond organ), Mont Campbell was deveoping serious compositional ability along with his solid bass work (and playing some French Horn to boot) and Clive Brooks propelling things along in rock solid fashion. "Long Piece #3" shows them developing their compostional chops in very interesting ways, while "Boilk" shows their bravery (and/or sheer craziness) in producing a piece of what might be termed "Musique Concrete" (or organized sound), throwing in everything and LITERALLY including the kitchen sink at the beginning. Definitely not for fans of easy, safe inoffensive pop, but for those who love their experimentalism with LOTS of droll British humor, it's a treasure trove, DIG IN!!!


Egg-The Civil Surface(1974)

Egg - The Civil Surface


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Anonimo ha detto...

Hey Betelgeuse!
Nice stuff You're offering this time, Dave Stewart is absolutely one of my favourite musicians of all time, Egg+Hatfield+National Health are simply stunning..
Thanks for sharing these, yours as always JaniK
P.S. I know that I am in no order to request anything from You, but I am desperately looking for this Mugen:Sinfonia Della Luna (1984) This is rumoured to be one of the best albums to ever come from Japan,absolute classic..I haven't heard anything from this, only read some reviews..Any hints are welcome!!!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i don't know why you can't make a request!my friend i have found the album you searching for!i need only a little time to listen, up and write! ok?

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello Betelgeuse!!!This is amazing news I'm reading about, thanks a lot in advance!!You have so much great stuff in Your blog, that the awaiting for (Mugen) is no problem at all... Just downloading the Crack-album, this sounds awesome!!!
Have a nice evening and take care!!! JaniK
P.S. The Fantasy album is amazing, the female vocalist reminds me of Jinx from Coven and musically it is incredible too...

gkapageridis ha detto...

They are one of the best british rock bands of the early 70's. And this is surely one of the best blogs i've been visiting for about two years or so. A million thank you on the way. Grazie tantissimo.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Thank you!;)

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