giovedì, maggio 21, 2009

Ora - Ora(1969 prog folk)

Ora - Ora

Quiet Sun - Mainstream (1975 canterbury)

Quiet Sun - Mainstream

So strange that this album is so overlooked. Yet the formation is upstanding: Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera on guitar, Matching Mole's Bill McCormick on Bass, This Heat's Charles Haywardon drums and good jazzy keyboard player Dave Jarrett.
The album is greatly accomplished, with a unique sound fusing Canterbury, Space Rock and Hard Rock in a very personal psychedelic sound. Amazing rhythm section, uplifting guitar and bass "warm" sound à la "Here Come the Warm Jets" reminding of Matching Mole and very good electric piano work. The tracks are all instrumental, with a jazzy feeling, and the album is a complete standout which should be in every music collection, especially if you love progressive rock.

2 commenti:

Jason ha detto...

Never heard of these guys until today ( +

They remind me of the Fredric a little bit.

Thanks for sharing!

Another great find.

hooks ha detto...

this has to be one of my favourite albums EVER!

i'm a big fan of all things canterbury and find myself full of sorrow that as quiet sun the boys only did one album but i suppose that only serves to make it more special, good post

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