mercoledì, maggio 20, 2009

Hell Preachers Inc-Supreme Psychedelic Underground
(Great heavy psych 1968)

Hell Preachers Inc. - Supreme Psychedelic Underground

Disco contraddittorio...non tanto nella musica che è un heavy psych con forti accenti al prog ma piuttosto per le canzoni proposte...
si dice che questo sia in realtà una sorta di "ghost group" di blackmore piece e lord dei purple che hanno provato a suonare delle loro cose in completo
anonimato in modo tale da assestare il loro sound...questo è dimostrato dall song a "time for races" che in realtà
non è altro che una versione più rude di "Living wreck"!disco buono nel complesso anche se non vi aspettate i classici standard alla purple!

Pretty good early progressive guitar and organ music. Short album complete with some good freakout jams and some throwaway tracks. Both of the "Time Race" songs are very good as is the more bluesy "Let Me Shoot You." "We Like the White Man" is one of the worst songs I have heard in a while. Most of the tracks are adequate though not amazing, but interesting when one sees that the album was made in 1968.



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Hi, it's great of you to share all the music, but could you consider switching services? Megaupload doesn't work anymore without downloading a toolbar including spyware. So I (and I'm sure a lot more, too) won't do it and won't have a chance to download what you post.
Anyway... thanKs for your effort. I know how much work this is...

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi mike!i know the problems with mega but i have a premium account and i want use it (the file never expires untill feb 2008!)and i see on other blog that rapids. link have a very small life (due the deleter) and other host service are not so functional to download!try to sent some mail to megaup staff (i have made this just few days ago!)

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