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Captain Marryat - Captain Marryat (1974 great uk heavy prog)
Captain Marryat - Captain Marryat

Musically it sounds like a mix of Uriah heep '72 and early Beggars Opera.
It's very tipical prog rock album of this era ('74), but the songs are very good.
So this album is mostly for prog rock fans, the casual listener should hear track nr. 1 - "Blindness" -its pure exelence.And the guitar solo on this track exelent- so primitive (for standarts of 1974), but so great at the same moment.

There are 2 lowpoints on this album:
1. The stole the main vocal line from Uraih Heep song Poets Justice (from 72 "Demons and wizards") and put it in one of their songs.
2.Many of the tracks sounds unfinished and with no details.
Overall -prog rock fans should grab this one

From RYM

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