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Carp - Carp (1970 rare usa xstian rural psych)
 Carp - Carp
Gary Busey was the singer, drummer, songwriter, and leader of Carp. The group sounded very much like The Who if Gary had joined them. It's very strongly performed by the group and tends to go the Xian path on a few track, thanks to Gary's religious lyrics. The album cover is very strange, it looks like the BACK of the album. The song titles are right there facing you. The artwork is also confusing and looks like random cutouts done by a young ROBERT POLLARD (GbV). Somehow and someway, the group didn't stick around long enough to do lp#2. They did get a very positive review in CREEM MAGAZINE but that was just one guy's opinion who got the lp free in the mail. The public didn't buy many copies I guess and the frontman headed to HOLLYWOOD! Switching to guitar and filming THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY!
from Rym

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