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Brotherhood - Brotherhood Brotherhood (1969 psych)

Brotherhood - Brotherhood Brotherhood (1969 psych)
Brotherhood - Brotherhood Brotherhood

Featuring a distinct shift in direction from their debut, the sophomore effort by The Brotherhood is decidedly less pop oriented, and more consistently psych than it's predecessor. Featuring several covers, some of which work, and others which seem to have been a bad idea, the album is also more consistent than their first as well. The cover of "California Dreamin'" is quite heavy, and the pick of the collection to my ears, while their version of the Lennon/Mcartney tune "When I Get Home" gets similar treatment. The cover of Joe South's "Rose Garden" is out of place, and should have been left in the outake bin. It's easy to see why many who liked their first, are left feeling cheated on this one, as there is a completely different orientation to it. But if you can divorce the two records from each other, and take each on it's own merit, both are quite strong. Grades - 1 A-, 2 B+'s, 2 B's, 4 B-'s, 1 C, and a C-.
From RYM (tymeshifter)

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