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Pandora - Measures of Time (1971?74 sweden prog)

Pandora - Measures of Time

Pandora was founded 1971 in Norrkoping, Sweden by drummer Bertil Jonsson and on guitar Urban Gotling. They release so far a single album in 1974 named Measures of time. The music is well played, with symphonic touches, they remind me in places of Beggar's Opera or even Genesis or Camel, nice keybords and pleasent voice overall. I realy enjoy this album , nothing realy groundbreaking, but as a whole a nice surprise. Quite complex arrangements, with nice atmosphere, a good prog album for that time, that stood the test quite well today. All pieces stands as good, not a weak moment here. The band lasted until 1981 when disbanded from diffrent reasons between musicians who already some of them left for another musical realms. Anyway the band has some good concerts , opening for Kaipa and Trettioariga Kriget. 3.5 for Measures of time, good rlease that needs a wider recognition, quite obscure and hard to fin, but not impossible. 
From RYM (B_olariu)

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