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Forever More - Yours+Words on Black Plastic (70/71 rock prog

Forever More - Yours

This one seems to be all over the place, a veritable testament to diversity. Included are elements of country, folk, and jazz, among others, and featuring some judicious use of horns and strings. I was somewhat reminded of the British group Family, minus the bleating vocals. Certainly not the most consistent release out there, but it has it's moments. Grades - 2 B's, 4 B-'s, 2 C+'s, 1 C, and a C-. Though released in 1970, this was most likely recorded late in '69, as their follow-up was recorded in the spring of '70.
From RYM (tymeshifter)

Forever More - Words on Black Plastic

Incredible, eclectic music which, like its predecessor, "Yours", is familiar yet almost otherworldly, incorporating so many existing elements that it creates a whole other universe. Both albums, which came and went to the cut-out bins, were not promoted in America by RCA, so I'm not even sure why the 2nd album was released, but in their own ways, these two records may as well have been Forever More's "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver". Musically, they used every instrument they seemed to be able to get their hands on , (even a Jews harp), and had shades of jazz, folk, country, psychedelic guitar music, and seemed like a little Beatles, a little Family, a little Traffic, a fair amount of Scotland, (where they hailed from), all mixed into something that was everything, (to me), that music should be. No one who likes music should be less than impressed with either record. (Good luck finding them!!)
From RYM (scottschenkel)

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DK ha detto...

Forever More is truly one of the great lost bands. I have both LPs on vinyl and treasure them. If you have not heard the band please grab these gems! Kurt

muzicprog ha detto...

Hi, v´ry gud record and a great upload.
master opus of this scottish quartet in dispite that his "yours" is a few weak.
"words" is his best record and one of the best record edit´d in 1971 by RCA.
Unfairly forgotten but now in CD in this year.
Thanks for this.

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