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Morning Glory - Two Suns Worth (68 uk psych)

Morning Glory - Two Suns Worth

Why yes, this record is in fact as amazing as the cover would suggest. Released on the Fontana label in late 1968, Two Suns Worth is a great example of the tail end of the 'classic' psychedelia era. The warm, rich production is courtesy of John Cale, who makes the groooovy organs fairly loud in the mix, but the guitars are nice and up there too at times. Although there are a handful of weak tracks to be found on here, the good ones are really good, and more than make up for the clunkers. The pinnacle is easily "Jelly Gas Flame" a witchy campfire chant that gets spookier and more trippy with each passing second. It's waaay sinister in a Manson girls way, and quite disturbing if listened to at the beginning of an armchair excursion. This shit defines the psych, dude, in a way that just doesn't happen any more. Well worth the cash at a record show since this one was issued on a major label and is not(as of yet) a monster. My pink label promo copy is near mint and was purchased for 40 bucks, but it does have a small drill hole in it. I would imagine a lesser but still listenable copy would go for much less, maybe even as low as twenty. If you can find a decent copy for that cheap, by all means go for it, head.
From RYM (chadkelsey)

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