lunedì, maggio 09, 2011

The Eleventh House - The Eleventh House - Level One ( excellent 75 jazz fusion)

The Eleventh House - The Eleventh House - Level One

What's the matter with this album by The Eleventh House? Since its not released on CD like the other two

Because there's nothing wrong with it. Infact I will say its probably their best, well it is in my and many others opinion.
It has the best selection of tunes, the tightest sound and highest energy. Its simply The Eleventh House at its peak in 1975 with their second of three very good fusion albums.

This is one of the best albums of its kind, and I can't believe its left behind.
Everywhere its "Introducing", which is a great album no doubt. But believe it or not, "Level One" are even better
From RYM (gao)

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titou ha detto...

great album, but not from France
the line up is
Larry coryell
Michael Lawrence
John Lee
Mike Mandel Alphonse Mouzon
Steve Khan

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