martedì, maggio 10, 2011

Silk - Smooth As Raw Silk (1969 us hard psych)

Silk - Smooth As Raw Silk

This may be the most maddening album I've ever encountered. It starts out well, and ends with the superlative ballad "For All Time". In these moments, and a few others near the beginning and end of the disc, the music is silky indeed. Polished but not slickened. It has the same feel as the excellent Jasper Wrath. In between is the kind of cheap gimmickry that gives psychedelia a bad name, culminating in "Custody", a schmaltzy country track that would make Tammy Wynette blush. Docked an extra half star for taking a budding masterpiece and turning it into schizophrenic mush.
From RYM (ochsfan)

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