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Sheshet - Sheshet (77 isr prog jazz)

Sheshet - Sheshet
Eponymous album by this Israeli group led by Shem Tov Levy, who also wrote almost all the music, and including the best local musicians at the time. This Prog / Jazz-Rock outfit created a great blend of western, Latin and middle-eastern music, which sounds as fresh today as it did at the time of the recording. Lead vocals are by Yehudith Ravitz, who later became a major Israeli star. The compositions are heavily influenced by Prog (Gentle Giant in particular) and the album ranks among Israel’s all time best albums. The beautiful new edition includes as a bonus the extra-rare (just a few copies of the original LP are known to be in existence) second album by Sheshet, never previously released on CD, which the group recorded as soundtrack of the Israeli film “The Stretcher March” (see note). The only vocal track on the second album is sung by no other than Gidi Gov, who also played a leading role in the film. The reissue of this album is a major feast for the Israeli Prog discography. Side note: Following the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the Israeli society entered a period of major upheaval and a radical re-examination of its values and social / political perspectives. The pioneering and bold film “The Stretcher March” was the first of its kind to openly examine the moral and psychological difficulties faced by soldiers in the IDF, a subject that was a complete taboo beforehand. This film and later other similar films and books written / published in the late 1970’s were all a result of this fascinating period in Israel’s society formative years. 
From RYM (jazzis)

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