giovedì, maggio 19, 2011

Indexi - Modra rijeka (ex yug prog 1978)

Indexi - Modra rijeka
Modra Rijeka is album based poetry of Mak Dizdar, one of the greatest Bosnian (and Yugoslav) poets of the of the twentieth century. But poetry is not the only thing on this album, so if you don't understand language don't worry. Except 2 spoken word tracks there are 7 tracks of great music. The mayor problem if you live outside of ex-Yugoslavia is that it is difficult to find it in Music Shop, but you can find in somewhere on internet for sure. Modra Rijeka - Spoken word track. Blago (7/10) Brod (9/10) More (11/10) - In my opinion, and probably many others this is best track on album. Zapis O Zemlji - Spoken word track. Slovo O Covjeku (8/10) Pustinja (7/10) More II (9/10) Modra Rijeka II (8/10) From RYM (itakoto)

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