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Young Flowers - 1&2 (dan 68 69 heavy psych blues)

Young Flowers - Blomsterpistolen Young Flowers - Vol. 2
Disk 1 tracklist: 
A1 Ouverture / Take Warning 
A2 The Moment Life Appeared, 
A3 25 Øre B1 Oppe I Træet, 
B2 To You, 
B3 Down Along the Cove, 
B4 April '68 (Instrumental) 
Disk 2: 
A1 You Upset My Baby 
A2 And Who But I Should Be 
A3 Calypso 
A4 Won't You Take My Place in the Queue 
B1 Slow Down Driver 
B2 The Daybreak 
B3 Kragerne Vender (Instrumental) 

Wow, this is an example of good Cream emulation. This is also a huge improvement over the first album. The only weak track is the opener, "You Upset Me Baby". It's relatively bland blues rock. Don't be fooled into thinking that this represents the rest of the album. The second track, "And Who But I Should Be", has a very experimental sound, with changing tempos, alternating moods, lots of phasing, a whole bunch of sound effects. It's very interesting to say the least, and, overall, it's pulled off quite well. The third track was originally an upbeat folk track called "Calypso" (from what I've read), but the reissues replaced it with the heavy-blues "Party Beat", which has a very strong Cream vibe. The next two tracks, "Won't You Take My Place in the Queue" and "Slow Down Driver", are quite simply some of the finest examples of heavy blues you'll ever hear, with an extra emphasis on "heavy". Very heavy for 1969. With extra loud fuzz. Incredible as these two tracks may be, the track immediately after, "The Daybreak", continues the heavy tone of the previous tracks. It also happens to be the best track of the album. It's hard to describe how good it is. The slow blues rhythm (which is catchy as hell) grabs your attention immediately, and the amazing solo compliments it perfectly. Pure sonic bliss for 6 minutes straight. And finally, the album ends with the 10 minute "Kragerne Vender". I used to hate this song, but it really grew on me. Unlike the rest of the album, this track is jazzy (after the bluesy first half), and not just because of the saxophone. The bass-line is easily recognisable as a jazz-rhythm, and the guitar even sounds exactly like the solo from the opening track of the Catapilla debut from 1970 (perhaps they heard this album?). Anyway, this is highly recommended to anybody that enjoys heavy rock and doesn't mind the blues. 
From RYM (Andrupchik)

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