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The Game-S/t (1969-1970[?]uk v.good psych prog)

Game - Game 
vi posto questo disco che a mio avviso è molto bello ma di più non so che dirvi visto che non ho trovato un accidenti di informazioni...quindi come al solito ogni suggerimento è apprezzato!come per i maelstrom non so se la copertina è giusta!!!comunque un buon tassello per la vostra collezione!!! Hi folks...well...i don't know if this is the right cover of the album...if anyone have some info...please post a comment!!!


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adamus67 ha detto...

Singers/guitarists Eddie Keating and Chuck Kirkpatrick, drummer Scott Kirkpatrick, keyboard player Les Luhring and singer/bassist George Terry had all been members of the Southern Florida based Proctor Amusement Company. The band had become quite popular throughout the region, even recording a couple of singles and an unreleased LP for the New York based Faithful Virtue label before calling it quits. While Proctor Amusement Company had come to an end, by 1969 the five were playing Southern Florida clubs as Game.
Released by Faithful-Virtue, 1969's "Game" is an interesting debut. Co-produced by manager/mentor Steve Goldberg and Chuck Kirkpatrick, musically the set's all over the place, including stabs at conventional pop, progressive ('Entrance'), rock ('Fat Mama') and even showing off some jazzy interludes (check out side two's 'Disturbance/We Turn To You'). Normally such a diverse album wouldn't make all that much of an impression with me, but this is one of those exceptions. While most bands have a hard time finding one good singer, Game wasn't hurt by having three in the form of Keating, Chuck Kirkpatrick and Terry. The fact that Keating and Luhring wrote some nifty melodies and were capable of turning in ear candy harmony vocals didn't hurt the end results either (check out Luhring's 'Discovering You'). To be honest, material such as 'Make Some Music' and 'Stop, Look & Listen' sounds a couple of years ahead of it's time ... had it been released in say 1976 it probably would have blown an AOR outfit like Kansas off the radio. Unfortunately the set went nowhere.

"Game" track listing:
(side 1)
1.) Entrance (Eddie Keating - Tom Quick) - 0:48
2.) What's Going Through My Head (Eddie Keating) - 3:19
3.) Discovering You (Les Luhring) - 4:11
4.) Fat Mama (Eddie Keating) - 2:44
5.) Make Some Music (Eddie Keating) - 7:48

(side 2)
1.) Stop, Look & Listen (Les Luhring) - 3:28
2.) Disturbance/We Turn To You (Les Luhring - Eddie Keating) - 6:20
3.) Sermon (Eddie Keating) - 2:19
4.) Girl Next Door (Eddie Keating) - 3:19
5.) Exit (Chuck Kirkpatrick) - 4:06

In 1970 the band relocated to Southern California. Original drummer Scott Kirkpatrick dropped out before the move, replaced by Dave Robinson. Over the next two years the band recorded a considerable amount of material, but found no takers. Forced to start playing local clubs when their long time financial benefactor threatened to cut off support, Robinson and Terry called it quits, returning to Florida. Terry subsequently hit the big time as a member of Eric Clapton's band. Enduring a series of personnel changes, the band continued to play through 1978. Chuck Kirkpatrick recorded an instantly obscure solo album for Capitol before returning to Miami where he spent some time recording and touring with Firefall, eventually starting his own business.
1( ) GAME (Faithful Virtue FVS 2003) 1969
2( ) LONG HOT SUMMER (Evolution 3008) 1971
NB: (1) also released on (Evolution 2021) 1970

1 Stop, Look, Listen/Fat Mama (Faithful Virtue 7005) 1969
2 Julie/When Love Begins To Look Like You (Commenwealth United 3009) 1970
3 Fat Mama/Girl Next Door (Evolution 1042) 1971
4 Two Songs For The Senorita/? (Evolution 1053) 1971

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