sabato, luglio 16, 2011

Altona - Chickenfarm (1975 kraut jazz ger)

Altona - Chickenfarm
This is so my style of Jazz Rock song lengths that are within the 4-5 minute range with the exception of the wonderful 10 minute title track song. This album has a lot of catchy tunes and great singing from Karl Heinz Blumenberg for serious Jazz lovers this album wont be to their liking it isnt adventerous enough. However for this guy who does not like crazy heavy jazz fusion i consider that stuff way to hard on the ears this album is great. I believe there are a few different types of Saxaphone's on the album no trumpets and trombones. I like five songs from this album the slower ballad (Lover's Tale) and the uptempo Elephant Walk, Back Again & Ramadam and of course the moody title track. Check this album out its very good From RYM (classicrockman)

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Dr Dopo ha detto...

Thank you thank you!! I absolutely love Altona's first selftitled album and I've been wanting to hear this one for a very long time! I'm so glad I found it here.

Yeah, the Germans produced a whole bunch of really excellent accessible but substantial jazz rock back in the day.

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