lunedì, luglio 11, 2011

Q65 - Revolution (holl 1966 garage)

Q65 - Revolution
Pretty impressive garage rock from this band from the Netherlands. The opener, "The Life I Live" is an excellent opener which, like almost every song, has a very garage feel to it. "I Got Nightmares" has some great rhythmic drum and bass while "Just Who's in Sight" has a definite Eastern feel to it, mostly because of the vocals, droning guitar, and some sort of flute interlude in the middle. The sax on "Mr. Pitiful" is well done as is the pounding rhythms and accompanying harmonica on "I'm a Man." "Summer Thoughts in a Field of Weed" is an excellent down tempo number and "Sour Wine" is another gem with haunting organ and acoustic guitar. "Bring it on Home" is a longer, bluesier thirteen minute jam that is great at times, but not at others, and needed to be about six or seven minutes shorter. From RYM (branting)

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